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Jennifer L. Knight

A happy, healthy mother of two boys, I specialize in helping mothers nourish themselves so that they are able to raise happy, healthy families. My individualized work with pre-natal and postpartum clients supports their nutritional, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

I am a teacher by nature. I have been living on Martha's Vineyard since I graduated college in 1994 and began a 10-year elementary school teaching career. In 2004, in the process of building my own home, I injured my back and began physical therapy. As a part of the recovery process, my physical therapist recommended that I try Pilates. After participating in the first three private sessions, I was hooked! After 2 years of Pilates sessions 5 days a week, I began my instructor training in Colorado at the Pilates Center and on Martha’s Vineyard at the Vineyard Pilates Center. I have been teaching at the Vineyard Pilates Center since June 2007.

In early spring of 2010, a year and a half after giving birth to her first son, I was feeling thrilled to have fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a mother, yet feeling lost in the rest of my life.  I jumped at the chance to become a practice client for a friend who was studying to become a health coach.  Experiencing the 6-month health coaching program as a client enabled me not only to lose the weight she had gained as a result of the pregnancy, but more importantly, it left me feeling supported, enlivened, and excited about my life.  I decided to study to become a health coach myself.  I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. I graduated in December of 2011 and began practicing as a health coach shortly thereafter.  

I love to empower women through coaching sessions and using the Pilates Method. While pregnant with my second son, I traveled to California to study prenatal and postpartum Pilates.  The concepts and exercises that I learned were immediately applicable in my own body. I practiced them to support my own healthy pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum experience. I earned my Pre-Natal/Postpartum Pilates Specialist Certification through the Center for Women’s Fitness by Carolyne Anthony in February of 2014.

I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to co-creating completely personalized actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources. 

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching and Pilates.

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Jennifer Knight with her sons Ethan and Alex
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